Playing with Fire PDF Download

Playing with Fire by Michaela Sawyer eBook read online or download for free. “Playing with Fire: A Dark High School Bully Romance ” is an impressive book that is now available in just one click in various formats like Kindle, ePub, and PDF. If you need this book in any specific format, you can request us.

Playing with Fire by Michaela Sawyer Book Review

” Playing with Fire” is a good book that you can read online or download to read it later for free. Before starting the reading or downloading, here is the summary of the book that you can read. You may also like Father’s Dream PDF Download

I’ve spent my entire eighteen years fighting to survive. My junky mom disappeared years ago, leaving me to fend for myself against my evil drug-dealing step-brother. I never met my father. I don’t even know his name. All I wanted to do was survive and graduate high school to get as far away from the Villas and this run-down trailer park as possible. And I was doing that until he forced himself into my life and literally flipped my world upside down. He’s from the Valley where the richest of the rich lives—a bully in every sense of the word. Everyone, including the teachers, bowed down to him and his rich friends who ruled the school. He was the guy every girl wanted, well, except for me. For as long as anyone can remember, it had always been the poor Southside Villa trash against the rich Northside Valley boys. No one knows when or how the war started, not that anyone cares.

Details About Michaela Sawyer eBook

  • Name: Playing with Fire: A Dark High School Bully Romance
  • Author: Michaela Sawyer
  • Published date: June 3, 2023
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Kindle eBooks
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Pages:  290 pages
  • Price: Free

Playing with Fire PDF Download

Here is a link to follow up and download properly without any delay and restriction, feel free to download and enjoy reading your book. Hope you like it and recommend it to others to visit and download it. You may also like Father’s Dream PDF Download

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