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Arckon by Ava Ross eBook read online or download for free. “Archon: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Monster on Board Book 2)” is an impressive book that is now available in just one click in various formats like Kindle, ePub, and PDF. If you need this book in any specific format, you can request us.

Arckon by Ava Ross Book Review

“Arckon ” is a good book that you can read online or download to read it later for free. Before starting the reading or downloading, here is the summary of the book that you can read. You may also like Meant to Be PDF Download

Arckon: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Monster on Board Book 2) by [Ava Ross, Alana Khan]

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having my fiancée’s girlfriend shriek “No, stop!” in the middle of my wedding. Except nearly passing out at my now ex’s feet. His family has the nerve to laugh, and I cringe at the altar until a blue-skinned, winged alien named Arckon swoops down from above like an alien avenging angel. With me cradled in his arms, he carries me away from my mess of a life, saving me from further humiliation. Now I’m stuck on the ship, running into my ex and his girlfriend everywhere I turn. To help me save face, Arckon offers to be my fake boyfriend. Between off-ship tours, succulent dinners, and stolen kisses with Arckon, I begin to suspect I’m falling in love for real. Rebound relationships never work, and Arckon and I will part when the starship puts into port. Will my heart break again when the cruise is over? Arckon is a standalone monster romance set in the Monster on Board world written by USA TODAY bestselling authors Alana Khan and Ava Ross. Expect steamy hijinks, humor, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Details About Ava Ross eBook

  • Name: Arckon: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Monster on Board Book 2)
  • Author: Ava Ross
  • Published date: April 23, 2023
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Science Fiction Romance
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Pages: 144 pages
  • Price: Free

Arckon PDF Download

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